Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2013
Brindo por todas aquellas personas a las que la pasión,  las enamora y el amor, las apasiona.

I see you're on the writer's diet

-          - Just take what you wrote and make it sexy. -          - I’m trying to, but I can only remember the real thing. That’s the image that’s stuck in my head.
-          - So let it go. Close your eyes. Or don’t… Think back to what it was like before he kissed you, or the first time he touched you. Before you knew anything about him, you had memorized his smile, the color of his eyes, how he always smelled of chlorine and sunscreen of summer… and when he finally looked at you. You could live off that smile for a week. But nothing could compare to the first time he touched you. It was like you were the only two people on earth and you couldn’t stand the thought of ever being away from him again.